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Legendary Hu


Legendary Hu is a VST/AU plugins and sample library features the Huqin family, which is the strings instrument in Chinese Traditional Music. It includes Erhu, Jinhu, Zhonghu and Gehu.  Powered together with Music Domain Synthesis and Hybrid Modeling Technology. Legendary Hu provides exciting new features and open the door to the new realm of sound.

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Legendary Hu

The Ultimate Collection on Hu Family, the spirit of Chinese Traditional Music

Legendary Hu is a virtual instrument featuring Huqin family, which is the strings instrument in Chinese Traditional Music. It includes Erhu, Jinhu, Zhonghu and Gehu. They were also regarded as Chinese Violin and Chinese Cello. This collection is the ONLY one collection on different Huqin sound on the market and it can bring more inspiration to your music.

Legendary Hu is our latest virtual instrument based on Music Domain Synthesis and Hybrid Modeling Technology. It runs under Mac (AU 32-/64-bit, VST 32-/64-bit) and Windows (VST 32-/64-bit).

Music Domain Synthesis is a whole new method used in developing digital music instruments. Unlike the sampling and modeling method, it can create digital music instruments out of “nothing" (not rely on an actual instrument in the real world). Music Domain Synthesis can remove the limitation on sampling and modeling, which makes it easier to build a new type digital instrument. Learn more on Music Domain Synthesis

Neo Erhu and Gehu are the main instruments for Legendary Hu, which also regarded as Chinese Violin and Chinese Cello. We also include Jinhu and Zhonghu sample set in this collection.

Reinvent Hu, the unique Chinese Violin/Cello covers  Huqin Family

Through Music Domain Synthesis technology, Neo Erhu has enhanced traditional Erhu in many ways, changing the thing that is impossible in the past to a reality. First, Neo Erhu has an extended chromatic range. Traditional Erhu has a chromatic range that is around 30 keys, while 2 octaves are suitable for use in music. Neo Erhu extends this range to 42 keys, while 3.5 octaves can be fully used. These extensions enable Neo Erhu to also cover the chromatic range of Zhong Hu and Jin Hu, so it can also be used as these two hu instruments.

Neo Erhu also improves the higher octave sounds a lot compared to traditional Erhu. Traditional Erhu has a rather weak and noisy sound in higher octaves, which greatly weakens its usability in high octaves and also limits its ability to provide a steady high frequency string sound in a Chinese orchestra compared with violin in a symphony orchestra. Neo Erhu has a much purer, punch and fullness sound than traditional Erhu in higher octaves.

Neo Erhu also extends to lower octave which also covers Zhong Hu range; however, it has more vivid expressions than Zhong Hu sound in Zhong Hu’s range.

Neo Erhu has an enhanced dynamic range than traditional Erhu. So Neo Erhu will have more expressions across ppp to fff velocity. Together with enhanced higher octave sounds, Neo Erhu will not only produce a steadier high-frequency string sound in a full Chinese orchestra. but also can play more techniques and provides more possibility on sound.

We use Music Domain Synthesis to generate Neo Erhu original sound. Then we use Hybrid Modeling technology to represent it to musicians. This arrangement make it easier to make future improvements as both technology will keep developing.

Neo Erhu contains all techniques for Erhu, Zhong Hu, and Jin Hu. It can seamlessly change to any of them with just a preset. This ability makes Neo Erhu not only a new instrument, but also can be used to represent several traditional instruments. Users do not lose any compatibility when using Neo Erhu. This ability adds insurance to users as sometimes, a new creative thing may be at risk of losing the tradition; however, this is not the case for Neo Erhu.

Gehu is also a enhanced version for Gehu, which has an amazing sweet sound.

Where technology meets tradition, and everything keep peace.

Legendary Hu not only a library equiped with cutting edge technology. But also provide traditional sample sets that comes from original Zhonghu, Jinhu, Gehu and Erhu. The good point is that you can not only try the good thing comes from new technology. but also you can keep the original sounds if you wish. You do not need to choose one side.



Modelling Legato brings more freedom compared with sampled legato

It’s this sound that lead us to expand our Modeling Legato technology to bring you even more creative musical freedom.

Capable of supporting any technique, patches, or articulations with more control over the parametric. This allows you to manipulate shapes and sound variety in real time with smoother transitions between notes than a sampled legato.

Hybrid Vibrato and Tremolo

We further expanded our technology to achieve more authentic sounds from sampling without sacrificing creative control. For perspective, this means starting with non-vibrato and then fading in vibrato sustain while changing depth and speed. Or, you can also change Tremolo speed in real time while optimize control or to leverage human behaviors in the vibrato for enhanced realism in the final version.

Limitless Sound Shaping Possibilities

Legendary Hu offers far more sound-shaping options than a sampling instrument with five bands parametric EQ and more control over the harmonic partial sounds. This means you can quickly change timbre with a simple turn of a knob or tune every single note with the Scala tuning system. We’ve also made it possible to finish all techniques on a single track with our performance keyswitch system that allows Legendary Hu to be used in live performances without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

A Much Smaller Footprint will help you in a big project

Thanks to the latest Hybrid Modelling technology, Legendary Hu has a much smaller footprint than sample libraries. Not only the total size of the library, but also the RAM occupancy, which is only about 40MB for Legendary Hu.  

Product Features

  • Samples generated by Music Domain Synthesis, Over 3,200 samples, 6 GB sample data
  • Fully covers Gehu, Erhu, Zhong Hu and Jin Hu, 4 traditional Chinese strings
  • Modeled Vibrato, Legato, Tremolo, Glide, and Glissando
  • Round Robin on most techniques
  • Innovative Performance Key Switch system
  • Embodied high-quality reverb and EQ
  • Comprehensive Envelope system
  • Scala Tuning System can emulate different tuning systems
  • DFD/RAM system enables users to relocate resources and ensure the best performance under every individual project
  • Differnt GUI mode for standard resolution and 4K resolution

System Compatibility


32Bit/64Bit VST plugins on Windows system Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP or Above (Reported can run under Windows 98 and Windows 2000 system, but not officially tested. 64Bit VST requires at least Windows 7 system. )
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 Dual-Core 4000+ or equivalent
  • RAM: At least 1GB RAM
  • HARD DRIVE: At least 6 GB of free space
Current no compatibility issue reported on latest Windows system


32Bit/64Bit VST/Audiounit plugins on MAC OSX Requirements:
  • OS: OSX 10.6 or Above
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
  • RAM: At least 1GB RAM
  • HARD DRIVE: At least 6 GB of free space
Current no compatibility issue reported on latest OSX system


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