Producer Sphere 测试了 Cinema Grand并且评论

“We couldn’t agree more. This is a great sounding, affordable piano VST/AU plugin that gives a clear, realistic sound within a fast, intuitive engine. For anyone looking to bring the majestic tone of a concert grand piano into their tracks, this plugin should definitely be on your radar.”




“Overall, the sound of Cadenza violin is natural and expressive and can be used in a variety of genres of music. No doubt the Cadenza violin sounds great for the $99 price.”

The Music Telegraph 对Cadenza Violin进行了详细的测试. 您可以在此处阅读英文版的完整评论

德国网站 Digital Notes测试了Blue Grand并且有很高的评价.

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” When I first heard these audio demos, I was convinced that a real piano had been


Wusik Sound Magazine reviews our Rose Whisper Piano in 2012.


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