Producer Sphere reviews Cinema Grand and comments on

“We couldn’t agree more. This is a great sounding, affordable piano VST/AU plugin that gives a clear, realistic sound within a fast, intuitive engine. For anyone looking to bring the majestic tone of a concert grand piano into their tracks, this plugin should definitely be on your radar.”

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“Overall, the sound of Cadenza violin is natural and expressive and can be used in a variety of genres of music. No doubt the Cadenza violin sounds great for the $99 price.”

The Music Telegraph did a very detailed review on Cadenza Violin. Die vollständige Rezension auf Englisch können Sie hier lesen

Unser Piano One wurde schon immer als das beste verfügbare kostenlose VST angesehen, dessen Rezensionen Sie links und rechts auf YouTube sehen können.

Unten ist auch ein weiteres von use

German Website Digital Notes reviewed Blue Grand and gave a very high rating.

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” When I first heard these audio demos, I was convinced that a real piano had been


Wusik Sound Magazine reviews our Rose Whisper Piano in 2012.

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