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Founded in 2007, Sound Magic Co., Ltd. has transformed into one of the primary pioneers in virtual instruments and DSP software. Starting from humble beginnings in Beijing, China, Sound Magic Co., Ltd. now has over 20 employees with regional offices spread out across the world.  With one office in Anaheim, California and one in London, Sound Magic Co., Ltd. has the privilege of working with talented engineers, developers, musicians, and creatives from across the world to create products from a culture born from diversity and dedication.

The Mission

For the founders of Sound Magic Co., Ltd., the mission is, and always has been, to bring cutting-edge and superior professional audio software to musicians at an affordable cost. It’s no surprise that being a musician isn’t always the most high-paying and lucrative profession, but honing your craft and using the latest tools is important to help you achieve your goals and enhance your skills.

At the core of the Sound Magic Co., Ltd. philosophy, digital instruments are meant to not only replicate a traditional instrument, but also open new doors and make new experiences and music possible. We live in the technology age, so while other companies might focus on reinventing the same guitar or drum head over and over and over, Sound Magic Co., Ltd. is innovating, just as founder Yichi Wang set out to do.

This all led to a breakthrough in 2010 when Sound Magic Co., Ltd. entered the effect plugins for DAWs and other software tools to help musicians and producers shape their sound in ways that they couldn’t have before. Starting with a select few, Sound Magic Co., Ltd. now has over 40 products to its name and musicians across the world use them daily.

Sound Magic Co., Ltd’s Achievements

The digital music industry is a tough market with plenty of talented people working at seemingly every company. Even so, Sound Magic Co., Ltd. has stood above the rest and been recognized for their innovations time and time again.

In 2013, Sound Magic Co., Ltd. was nominated for the 29th TEC Awards in Musical Instrument Technology/Software category, and was the first Chinese company to be nominated in their history.

Another remarkable achievement for Sound Magic Co., Ltd was their product Orchestral Strings One was ranked number one among 10,000 other tools by KVR Audio. Visit our awards & achievements page for more details

The Achievement That Matters the Most

There are countless other awards and achievements that the company has received, but by far, the one they’re most proud of is the ratings their users give their products. In the end, it’s the everyday musician that matters the most to Sound Magic Co., Ltd. and when they know that their digital instruments and products are installed on thousands upon thousands of desktops worldwide, they know that they’re on their way to achieving their mission.




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