Supreme Piano 4

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Supreme Piano 4 — our latest hybrid modelling virtual instrument for Mac (AU 32-/64-bit, VST 32-/64-bit) and Windows (VST 32-/64-bit), featuring 8 pianos collection together with Neo MasterTool, offers brand new pianos and upgrades monthly in a one year.

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Supreme Piano 4 — our latest hybrid modelling virtual instrument for Mac (AU 32-/64-bit, VST 32-/64-bit) and Windows (VST 32-/64-bit), featuring 8 pianos collection together with Neo MasterTool, offers brand new pianos and upgrades monthly.

Brand New Pianos Every Month!

Technology evolution can turn things that were seemingly impossible in the past into reality. One exciting feature that Supreme Piano 4 provides is that users can obtain new pianos every month. What is more, the software will also evolve every month. It will be able to stick to one topic, such as Jazz or classical one every month. With this exciting feature, users can feel the freshness of sounds monthly, get more inspiration, and add more creativity to their music. 


We handpicked 8 Pianos

Below is a chart for the updates coming in 12 months after purchasing. We will update this chart monthly.


Topic: Cinematic Music

Pianos: 2 New Pianos from Steinway and Yamaha

Upgrade: With presets designed for File and television


Topic: Live Performance

Pianos: 2 new pianos from Bosendorfer and Steinway

Preserts: Designed for Live Performance using Supreme Piano 4


Topic: Back to Golden Age of Pianos Vol 1

Pianos: 2 vintage pianos


Topic: Back to Golden Age of Pianos Vol 2

Pianos: 2 vintage pianos


Topic: The History of Yamaha

Pianos: 1 Yamaha C3 and 1 Yamaha CFX


Topic: Legendary Bosendorfer

Pianos: 1 New Bosendorfer 290 and 1 Bosendorfer 225


Topic: Studio Grand

Pianos: 1 New Steinway B and Yamaha C5


Topic: Forgotten Treasure

Pianos: 1 Bechstein and 1 Bluthner


Topic: Myth of Kawai

Pianos: Kawai pianos


Upright Grand Vol 1

2 Upright Grand Pianos


Upright Grand Vol 2

2 Upright Grand Pianos


Presets Complete Package

Several presets collection for pianos

Not Merely a Piano VST/AU Plugin, but also a System.

In Supreme Piano 4, we will finally be able to provide not only a piano VST/AU plugin, but also a full system for music production. We included our mastering system, Neo MasterTool, into Supreme Piano 4. With this multi-effects system, Supreme Piano 4 will not only help its users to get the most professional final sounds, but also provide more possibilities in sounds.


Watch American pianist/keyboardist Katie Pachnos putting Supreme Piano 4 through its stunning sounding paces here:

Watch Itallian Pianist Luca Amigoni perform his latest masterpiece with Imperial Grand in Supreme Piano 4

Watch informative Neo Piano Engine video walkthrough here:


Expressive State-of-the-Art Sound and Dynamic Performance

Supreme Piano 4 is powered by Hybrid Modeling technology and HD Velocity Layer technology providing a natural boost to expressive power that can be felt with every strike of the keys. Along with the new Neo Piano engine, which achieves 400 times more variations than a traditional sample engine, every note played is unique, creates vivid sound representation, and strikes a rich, accurate tone even with small movement. In essence, it’s an instrument with a musical soul instead of a machine feel. The dynamic of a piano is the most decisive aspects of its sound quality. Around 10 years ago, Sound Magic had already applied a True Piano Dynamic system which can represent piano dynamic in the most efficient way. And in years, we keep improving the performance. A True Piano Dynamic means the piano will have different dynamics from low notes to high notes; usually, high notes will have more dynamic range. Now, our True Piano dynamic system enables every note to have its unique dynamic range, and it can be fully controlled by knobs. Here’s a description of all Dynamic controls/ features: Dynamic Curves: With this control, musicians can control the dynamic response curves, and there are seven different curves. This is important for MIDI keyboards, as they work best on different curves; there is always one best curve that fits the keyboard. Dynamic Range: The dynamic range in dB on note A4, you can adjust it to revise overall dynamic. Tracking: This knob controls the levels of differences between high notes and low notes. Musicians can even make high note dynamic range less than low note dynamic range to achieve special effects.

Expanded Sound and Adjustable Playability

Gain unmitigated control over 40 customizable piano aspects, including the ability to lift the lid, tweak tone and harmonics, alter dampers, change dynamic range, and adjust velocity response. You can even apply a ‘style’ or resonance to your sound or adjust up mix by changing different microphone perspectives.

Resonance System

Add Several Resonances to the Beautiful Sound

Resonances play an important role in a piano’s sound. It adds extra beauty to the overall sound. Reality dictates that every grand piano’s sizeable soundboard reflects sound that resonates in conjunction with the wooden body of the instrument itself. Indeed, it is this continuous process that makes every note played sound so unique. Ultimately, in order to simulate this behavior, Sound Magic captured multi-angled IRs (Impulse Responses) from the soundboard, and then used modelling technology to convert those IRs into Multi-Dimensional Resonance algorithms. The result? An amazingly true-to-life concert hall sound readily available at anyone’s fingertips! Sympathetic Resonance happens when Harmonics are heard in keys related to keys that are struck. It is an interaction between different strings and adds extra color to every note’s sound. It makes them sound unique so that the audience can enjoy listening. Sustain Resonance and String Resonance can be heard when sustain pedals are pressed. Although they are subtle sometimes, as a part of Piano resonance, Our Neo Piano Engine has the ability to represent different resonances in the right way, and provide controls on their amount and behavior.

Meticulous Damper Controls

Neo Piano Engine also modelled the behavior of the damper, which controls when the sound should stop. With damper controls, musicians can choose whether it is a newly built piano, or a piano that’s 20 years old. Also, it is interesting that users can try to change the material of the damper from soft to hard; they can experience the differences in sound.

Pedals Modelling

Every pianist knows the importance of pedaling to the piano sound. Pedal behavior is rather complex both mechanic- and sound-wise. Sound Magic’s latest Neo Piano Engine can represent the pedal behaviors accurately including the features below: Half Pedaling: For acoustic pianos, it is possible to press down the sustain pedal only partially such that the dampers just touch the strings very slightly. This technique for the advanced pianist is called half pedaling and allows a fine variation of the sound. Repedaling happens when you press sustain pedal again within a very short time after releasing the pedal. The string will continue to sustain in this case. A piano usually has three pedals, from left to right: the soft pedal (or una corda), the sostenuto pedal, and the sustaining pedal (or damper pedal). Neo Piano Engine carefully modelled the pedal behavior and additionally supported the 4th pedal on Fazioli pianos.

Product Features

  • Offering authentic sample sounds with the playability of a modeled piano, hybrid modeling technology embodies over 3,000 GB samples. (learn more)
  • Style Designer helps set the piano’s musical style with a simple knob, be it pop, jazz, rock, classical or soft, and change internal parametric.
  • Provides up to 12 microphone perspectives.
  • HD Velocity Layers can express up to 65,536 velocity layers and around 1000 layers have an audible difference. (learn more)
  • DFD/RAM system enables users to relocate resources and ensure the best performance under every individual project.
  • Scala Tuning System allows users to experiment with different tunings and choose from more than 10,000 tunings.
  • The Multi-Dimensional Resonance engine perfect represent different resonance inside a piano. (learn more)
  • Adjustable sympathetic resonances.
  • Artificial Intelligence Tools will check the response of your keyboard and pedals automatically to find your ideal velocity response curve in seconds.
  • Differnt GUI mode for standard resolution and 4K resolution

Expand Your Musical Capabilities with a Dynamic Piano Engine Software

This is your opportunity to create deeper, richer Piano sounds just like the original pianos themselves. Get our Supreme Piano 4 today and truly enhance your ability to create beautiful, unforgettable sounds.


29th TEC Awards Nominee

Imperial Grand, a child product of Supreme Piano which uses Neo Piano Engine (5th Generation) , has been nominated for a 29th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Award in the category of Musical Instrument Technology/Software in 2013. The TEC Awards was established in 1985 to honor outstanding achievement in professional audio production and product innovation.

35th TEC Awards Nominee

Neo Piano, a child product of Supreme Piano which uses the same Neo Piano Engine (9th Generation)   has been nominated for a 35th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Award in the category of Musical Instrument Software in 2019. TEC Award’s website is here

System Compatibility


32Bit/64Bit VST plugins on Windows system Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP or Above (Reported can run under Windows 98 and Windows 2000 system, but not officially tested. 64Bit VST requires at least Windows 7 system. )
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 Dual-Core 4000+ or equivalent
  • RAM: At least 1GB RAM
  • HARD DRIVE: At least 93 GB of free space
Current no compatibility issue reported on latest Windows system


32Bit/64Bit VST/Audiounit plugins on MAC OSX Requirements:
  • OS: OSX 10.6 or Above
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
  • RAM: At least 1GB RAM
  • HARD DRIVE: At least 93 GB of free space
Current no compatibility issue reported on latest OSX system


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