Piano One Downloading Instruction

The downloading link is protected by password. The password will be a capital letter. It will be the the first Capital letter for the product “China Impression”


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Install instructions

  1. Go to Plugin_Installer folder (You may need to extract the ZIP file downloaded before doing so) and run the installer there. Both Mac and PC installer are in the same folder, please select the right version.
  2. Installed the Neo Piano Plugin to your computer. For windows system, you need to install it into your VST folder. 
  3. After Finishing installation, it is recommended to restart your computer (On Mac, restart is a must otherwise DAW can not detect the new plugin)
  4. Copy and paste Piano1.ins and Piano1.png (Must be 2 files together) into the location you want to store/save the piano set
  5. Open your DAW, load Neo Piano Plugin.
  6. Click on “click this screen to load instrument” it will open a browser.
  7. Navigate to the location you store/save piano1.ins and open it
  8. It should begin to sound. No need to ask for a keycode.
  9. There are both quich start guide document (PDF version) and video link inside the downloaded zip file. It has more detailed instruction inside.
  10. Contact our customer service if you can not figure it out.